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Nina Hartley's Guide To Sensual Domination # 2: How To Dominate A Woman

How To Dominate A Woman Nina Hartley has done it again! With part two of her groundbreaking domination series, adult superstar Nina explores both the pleasures and challenges of sensually dominating a female partner. This video includes erotic demonstrations and no-holds-barred explanations to bring the techniques of domination into your bedroom!

Nina Hartley's Guide To Sensual Submission # 2 / How to Submit To A Woman DVD

Triple x Legend Nina Hartley


Turnabout is fair play! Here Nina provides plenty of pointers on submitting to the fairer sex through erotic demonstration and helpful questions and answer sessions. See Nina take control of a wet and willing Dru Berrymore before Joey Ray gives in to Flick Shagwells dominant side. You won’t want to miss this delicious lesson in obedience.


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